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Pro-Fit Golf Conditioning Podcast

Oct 25, 2021

We have all seen Tour Players training and we think we might have an insight into what they do in the gym. But is their training really different to the everyday golfer?

Head of Strength and Conditioning for the European Tour Dan Coughlan joins me on this episode packed with great advice on training - the how, when and...

Oct 18, 2021

Sam Matheson is a Physio and Golf Performance Therapist, in this episode we talk, improving your rotation speed, how human movement is directly linked to performance. We focus in on ribcage and spinal issues that so many club golfers have challenges with.

SM Physio on INSTA follow here:

Oct 11, 2021

We are back with another season of amazing chats with a wide selection of golf industry experts. In this episode golf fitness trainer from MM Golf Fitness - Matt Murray. 

Matt works with a variety of players from club level to Tour Pros, in this Podcast we talk about how you can maximise your training  based on your...